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Los Angeles. Well I guess you could say i’m a little outgoing when it comes…
Myrtle beach. I am 22 and here in search of fun and adventure…
Arlington. I’m bored and i need someone to spice up my life…

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In general, men and women present themselves in very similar ways and look for characteristics, thus leading to the hypothesis that gender representations on online dating sites are less stereotyped and that differences are fading (Fullick, 2013).

However, it is necessary to remember an important issue: until not many years ago, internet access was distributed in a way that was anything but uniform among the population. The users of online services, including dating sites of course, were mostly young people, with high schooling, high incomes, high cultural capital and lifestyles linked above all to technology and innovation. Here you can find the best dating site with only lads review. It is not surprising that these early adopters (or even early majority according to Rogers’ classic innovation diffusion model, 1962) were in fact the people least likely to support more traditional gender representations. However, if that were the case, the egalitarian changes in gender representations highlighted by online dating research in the early years of the new millennium would neither be the result of the greater freedom afforded by computer communication, nor the mirror of particular sociocultural changes in broad scope in place in postmodern societies, but more simply the result of a user base that is not representative of the population. Have a good online dating tip or advice or story?
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